02 March, 2009

The Rules

Because I like rules (I was a Drill Master in highschool ;) and it's easier than trying to figure out what to post. And hey, I'm limited in what I can write at my parent's house.
  • Godwin has no place here. Seriously, the second I see the word Nazi, your comment will be deleated.
  • The above rule applies to the term "Feminazi" Damn I hate that term.
  • This blog is a hate free zone. I love passionate debates, even when they turn nasty, but please leave personal slurs out of it.
  • I also don't like scare quotes. Depending on the "context" I might allow it. (Yes, that was intentional).
So, that's all I have at the moment. I don't think I need many rules, but it does keep the place more civil.

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