27 March, 2010

Chally Says I'm Beautiful!

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A while ago, Chally from Zero at the Bone awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award. It's taken me a while, but thank you Chally. This filled me with warm fuzzy feelings and happiness :)

Awardees are to list seven things about themselves, so here goes.
  1. I want to get a brain-scan, because I'm curious as to what my mind looks like when it's thinking, and how this compares to other minds.
  2. I sometimes perceive words as tastes, textures and smells. Words with Ms and Ls (malevolence, maleficent) are like fresh strawberries. Algebra is like biting into a mango without a pip.
  3. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, and self-diagnosed with bipolar
  4. I am queer - pansexual to be specific
  5. I am a geek dating a geek who is also a wonderful ally
  6. I use the term Equalist because there are multiple (strawberries) spheres of oppression, and I cannot be against sexism if I'm not also against racism, transphobia, ableism, homophobia etc.
  7. I am also a feminist, and in claiming that identity I need to own the horrible racist and transphobic history (and present) of feminism, and actively fight against it.
  8. Ok, 8 things, but meh: Please call me on my shit. Even though I stand against racism and transphobia and ableism and homophobia and sexism, I am not imune to the effects of the kyriarchy. If I say or do something problematic, please call me on it.
Thankyou for reading boring shit about me. I would like to pass this award onto Lauredhel, who blog at Hoyden About Town and Feminists With Disabilities: For A Way Forward and at her personal DreamWidth account.
Lauredhel inspired me to write about ableism and has on more than one occasion caused me to question myself and my beliefs (this is a good thing). She is a wonderful person who deserves more love and respect than I could give in a blog post. So thank you Lauredhel.

Thank you again.


Spilt Milk said...

Do you have synaesthesia? (The words tasting thing made me think of it.) I've always thought that was such a fascinating phenomenon. Brains are amazing!

I like these Beautiful Blogger posts, they're good for learning new things about people.

Chally said...

You are welcome :).