09 May, 2010

What's the same about all these covers?

If you guessed "The Pose", Congratulations! Have an impossible costume! (Warning, NSFW. Warning: trans-hate in the comments).

And it's not just comics where you see this pose. Check out these posters for the recent G I Joe movie:

Wow! This is a pose which manages to show off Arse, Breasts and Face (except in that G I Joe poster where her head is cut off...) all at the same time! It's magic!

This is a pose I see all the damn time and, frankly, I'm bored. I'd really wish creators would be just a little more creative when it comes to posing their comic book heroines.
I've never seen a hero in the pose, only heroines. Anyone know of an exception?

So tell me, my lovely readers, what things in comic books are you sick of, be it poses or themes or impossible outfits? What have you seen so many times that you just want to scream "Enough already!!"? And is the presents of these things enough to stop you from buying a comic if you see it on the cover?


Lissy said...

'The pose' was pretty much the reason why I stopped reading comics for a few years. I was sick of looking at women who looked like they were packing torpedoes in their brassieres.

Rob Liefield's was a particular offender, Jim Lee too- I mean seriously the Gen 13 covers were ridiculous!!!

Grant said...

Ah the goddamn porn pose, how I hate it. The GI Joe posters were particularly offensive - note how the main one (lots of characters) only slices off the head of the one female good guy in the bottom half.

What do I hate in comics? I hate lazy artists who are clearly tracing from sleazy lads mags when they need a female character, and I hate female characters existing solely to provoke an emotion response in the male protagonists.

HANNAH'S DAD said...

You know I was sure the thing you hated would be the spray on costumes - it's certainly the thing I hate. I theorise that at some stage commercial artists lost the knowledge of how to draw drapery.

As for 'the pose' - if nothing else it's a good spinal twist, an important part of every superhero/villain's yoga practice.

Ms. Feasance said...

Lissy, if Rob Liefeld drew it, it's pretty much a guarantee that it's going to fail on the "knowing what actual bodies look like" front.