19 July, 2010

Things I Learned In Childcare

This list is a collection of things I picked up while working in the childcare industry. Some of these things I'm sure parents will have picked up too, others may be industry specific.
Just a bit of light-hearted fun :-)

  • Babies are loud. Very loud.
  • Sometimes babies are loud for no reason and no matter what you do, you can't calm them down.
  • And then someone else will come in, pick them up, and they'll be fine, leaving you feeling rather silly. Damn.
  • Toddlers are also loud, and often make a game of it.
  • Sometimes toddlers are loud because the other toddlers are loud and they want to be the loudest.
  • Maybe you should just invest in earplugs.
  • When it comes to books, songs, games, tyres no such thing as "Too much" in the mind of a child. Unless you want to do it, at which point the child is bored.
  • You have never finished the nappies of the day.
  • No matter how many times it happens, it still feels gross to be pooed on.
  • Expect snot by the bucketful.
  • This sort of work is really gross.
  • Red paint will not wash out.
  • There are some children who will not eat fruit, bread, vegetables, noodles, meat, chicken, eggs or soup.
  • They will, however, eat dirt, sand, snails and milipedes.
  • There is no "right" way for a child to develop.
  • But everyone will tell you that this child is developing the "wrong" way.
  • If you are a mother, no matter what you're doing, you're doing it wrong.
  • You will have a song stuck in your head for weeks. As soon as it leaves your head, a child will request it.
  • You will want to take photos to show your friends, and will be upset that you can't.
  • At the end of a long day, when you feel like shit and just want to cry, one of your kids will give you a hug. Nothing feels better.